Construction Equipment Rentals: Avoiding Site Problems

Posted on: 30 March 2019

Deciding to take on more or different kinds of work can be one of the best ways to grow a construction business. However, doing so can often mean that you will have to cover growing costs. Luckily, being able to rent different machines or heavy construction equipment for a short period can save money as renting allows you to avoid buying those expensive items. To avoid work and site problems, you're going to need to be very specific with your inquiries before renting. These equipment rental questions are useful to ask before renting.

1-Who is Operating What I Rent?

For construction pieces that require operators, assuming you'll get the driver or operator along with the machine for your rental price is natural. However, such assumptions could result in the delivery of equipment that no one on your site can operate as not all rentals include the person who will be doing that work for you. "Bare" rentals don't include any personnel at all. If you've got someone in your company who can expertly maneuver the equipment you're using, bare rentals work out cheaply and successfully. However, if you aren't sure anyone on your own team can handle the equipment without difficulty, seek those rentals which, for additional fees, will arrive at any site with a skilled and licensed operator.

You may also want to work out a separate deal with an industrial temp agency which can suggest certified operators. If you do this, a bare rental paired with a temp worker might make more sense for your project or budget.

2-Do I Know Enough About the Equipment to Make Decisions Alone?

Being honest about your own skillsets is vital when you're renting construction items. You may believe that you need one type of bucket truck, for instance, when a larger or different kind of truck would be more effective. Don't assume that your knowledge can't be improved upon. You may consult rental companies about assessing or evaluating your projects and sites so that they can give expert suggestions about which equipment they carry is best.

3-Am I Scheduling Tasks Right?

Often, after setting up rentals, your focus can return to various other activities. Good scheduling will permit you to make use of construction equipment you've rented without causing additional fees because you need the machine longer than you thought you would. Consult your managers to ensure that the time you've blocked out for each task is appropriate and that the rented equipment won't sit unused for an unnecessary amount of time.


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